What is an IP address?

An IP or Internet Protocol address is a unique sequence of different values that are separated from each other by periods. Moden IP Addresses have two different versions;  version 4 (IPv4) or version 6 (IPv6).

Example of an IPv4 address: 11.701.415.1

Example of an IPv6 address: 3002:0bd8:5078:31a3:0000:0000:31bd:fe04

You can consider an IP Address as a unique sequence of values that are used to identify a device on a network. There may be Private IP Addresses and Public IP Addresses. Private IP Addresses are for the devices that are connected to the same network and visible to devices that are on the same network, whereas Public IP Addresses are for the identification of any device on the Internet and are visible to everyone.

Public IP Addresses are assigned by the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to the routers and all the devices which are connected to the same router have the same public IP while devices have different Private IP Addresses when they are connected to a router.

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